Friday, February 25, 2011

Wonderful Photos

Today I remembered that a while back I'd hooked my InfoAgent up to a
couple of great feeds of photos. The system has collected about 12,000
photos from around the traps now. So I quickly threw together a

I'll work on it some more when I get time, as I'd like to have a way
to view the full size images. But yeah, I thought I'd share.

Musical Diversity

I take some kind of strange pride in the fact that our neighbours, if
they cared to listen, would perhaps doubt that the music they hear
wafting over their fences is coming from selections made by one

From Feed Me
to Chick Corea.

I have to thank Radio Adelaide's Primetime Jazz program for getting me more and more
hooked on jazz.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fringe Fest mini reviews

Over the past few days I've been lucky enough to get along to two
excellent shows at this year's Adelaide Fringe Festival; Tom Tom Crew
and Josh Thomas. Both were excellent and well worth the money.

Tom Tom Crew are an awesome mash up of acrobatics, break dancing, hip
hop, turntablism and incredible drumming, all jammed together in an
hour of frantic action. The skills on display during this show were
really top quality. Its hard to go wrong with buff dudes running and
jumping around with their shirts (and during one section, pants) off
to the thunderous beats of a DJ and live drummer.

I'd only seen Josh Thomas previous on TV and didn't really know what
to expect from his stand up. This year his show features retelling of
some pretty epic moments from his life as well as a hilarious wrap up
of his twitter fight with Ruby Rose. He's a witty bugger who manages
to take some very serious topics and turn them into fodder for some
massive laughs. Impeccable timing and incredible self deprecation all
add up to a wonderful evening of insight into this guy's strange life.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fuzzy Hate: Clipboard Injection

I've noticed a few sites on the web starting to implement javascripts
which will add their URL to the bottom of any text you select and copy
onto your clipboard. The site was the most recent that
I found doing it. I dug through the source code and found that they're
using a system created by a mob called Tracer. I found that adding
this to my adblockplus plugin for firefox has successfully blocked it:


Die in a fire

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Welcome to the twittersphere!

I've been haxing around in the system I use on Fuzzy's Logic and also the backend
of my online rss feed aggregator InfoAgent, implementing a
few twitter related features. What these boil down to are two things:

1) Fuzzy's Logic now has a twitter account of its own; which automatically updates with
headlines of any update to the site.

2) Any links which I click on from InfoAgent are sent to my feed making it easy for any like minded
people to share in the things I find interesting around the internet.

Beyond this, I've done this as a bit of a learning experience to get
my head around the OAuth system which more and more sites are
requiring to access their APIs. I'm just a small step away from being
called a social media expert! Anyone who actually knows what that
means should be laughing along with me at this point, as it has become
somewhat of a slur to refer to someone as this corrupted term. SME's
are like marketing people who can't string together more than 140

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

lil test

Been working on some new behind the scenes stuff, hopefully this test works!

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

artsy not safe for work sites you should visit

I occassionally steal the safe for work images from kippage. There I said it. I've been reluctant to pimp the site before, because well.... it has photos of boobs on it alot. But some times it also has starwars and kitten related images, which I also like. To be honest though, when jadz0r finds an image which includes boobs, starwars AND kittens all at once it really cracks me up.

I predict that I'll also be stealing some of the safe for work images from image88. I also predict many classic boobs, formular 1, kitten and geek reference cross over images which will surely be amazingly entertaining too.