Hi, I'm Fuzzy.

This site, Fuzzy's Logic, is a dumping ground for things I find interesting. If you're looking for content I've personally generated you might want to head directly to one of my other sites:

Hi, I'm Fuzzy.

iRacing Series Stats

I've been creating a system which collects up the results data from a season of an iRacing series and generates tables of some interesting statistics from the season. Here's a sample of the output showing the stats from 2018 Season 2 of the Pro Mazda Championship:

I've been posting these on the official iRacing forums for each series. One feature which I'm really proud of is that I'm able to have the system include extra drivers in the tables, allowing comparison against the top drivers for each section. Here's the same Pro Mazda season stats with one of my favourite rivals highlighted, Fabio Aoki:

Fishing with Bob The Fish

So what am I using? The shell is Fish. Most Linux distributions and OS X come with Bash being their default shell. And to many users, that is the only shell they have ever known and don’t know that alternatives exist. Fish is one of those replacements.

My primary reason for using fish is I like its built-in tab and auto-complete features. And it has nice colors out of the box that makes using it more pleasant. It does nothing super special that can’t be done with Bash, but it does these things without major tweaking.

Why Use a 30 Year Old Development Method in 2018

Making games is hard.

And by far the hardest part of making games is pre-production. That statement may be confusing. We’ve all heard about very difficult production periods for games, and we’ve also observed light, easy, fun pre-production periods. So why am I claiming that pre production is harder? Because one of the things that can poison production is that pre-production is happening during it. As hard as pre-production is, it’s even harder (and way more expensive) to do while you’re also in production.