Thursday, September 02, 2021

A New Hobby: Disc Golf

Last year while visiting family in Ballarat and taking the kids to the playground we drove past the Victoria Park Disc Golf Course. I spotted the baskets and somehow registered what they were and googled to find more information about the course.

Of course this triggered something in the google algo and I then started to get disc golf content showing up in my youtube. After watching a few JomezPro videos I was hooked.

I did a bunch of research and decided to dive in by buying two Innova Disc Golf Beginner Sets and a MVP Black Hole Pro Basket. I think that two days after these arrived I declared that disc golf was my new obsession and ordered a bunch of discs, including a Dynamic Discs Judge Disc Golf Putter Five Pack so I could get in more efficient putting practice in the backyard.

My wife and kids are also showing an interest, so it's been pretty easy to allow myself to really dive into the sport and invest in getting the gear I require to fully enjoy it.

This weekend I'm going to finally head over to the Poimena Reserve Disc Golf Course to play my first round with the Hobart Disc Golf crew. They play off the short tees which I'm very happy about, as it'll allow me to focus on throwing my Zone, Shark, Piwakawaka, Tui, and Pig. I just hope that all my putting practice saves me a few strokes to make up for being totally novice when it comes to teeing off and throwing upshots.

My short term goal is to get enough practice in to feel comfortable in the Novice section of Tassie Open in October, which I've signed up for.

I'll close out with a chart showing the flight ratings of the discs I'm bagging: