Thursday, February 17, 2011

Welcome to the twittersphere!

I've been haxing around in the system I use on Fuzzy's Logic and also the backend
of my online rss feed aggregator InfoAgent, implementing a
few twitter related features. What these boil down to are two things:

1) Fuzzy's Logic now has a twitter account of its own; which automatically updates with
headlines of any update to the site.

2) Any links which I click on from InfoAgent are sent to my feed making it easy for any like minded
people to share in the things I find interesting around the internet.

Beyond this, I've done this as a bit of a learning experience to get
my head around the OAuth system which more and more sites are
requiring to access their APIs. I'm just a small step away from being
called a social media expert! Anyone who actually knows what that
means should be laughing along with me at this point, as it has become
somewhat of a slur to refer to someone as this corrupted term. SME's
are like marketing people who can't string together more than 140