Sunday, March 22, 2009

If Poker was an MMO

While I was posting up my previous blog entry about Time Investment as a Resource with regards to online gaming I found myself constantly drawing paralells with online poker. This resulted in me considering what World of Pokercraft would be like....

Players are be able to enter the game world at what ever level they can afford, since bankroll equates to character level. Like other MMO's, but perhaps to a much greater extent, skill (in the long term) and luck (in the short term) both play a large part in battles between players of differing skill level.

Grinding that damn annoying 'flop 10 sets' quest is frustrating. Especially when you think you've binked another one off only to show up with an underset and have it denied.

Bots and hackers would actually be as much of an issue as MMO players think they are. Griefers not so much. Sure slow rolling sucks, but it doesn't actually hinder your progress in the game!

No one would ever ask you for your stuff if you mentioned you were going to quit.