Tuesday, March 17, 2009

new home page system nearly done

I've got a working version of my grand plan up and running at the following temporary location: fuzzyslogic.com/new/.

It is successfully sucking in feeds from my blogger page, my twitter account (minus @replies), my youtube favourites, my picasa photo gallery and my spurl link list. I have a couple of other things I'll be adding shortly, but those 5 are the big ones.

Tonight I mostly removed complexity from the php script which runs on my web server as I added functions to the pipes setup. I have hit a few issues with pipes which has resulted in me still needing some "smarts" in the php. The big one of these was trying to get pipes to output the html for youtube embedding.

The design of my new homepage is super simple and exactly what I was imagining when I was pondering the whole deal, so I'm happy with it. I'm sure I'll find little things to tweak as I continue messing around with things though.

Next on my todo list is adding a categories system, which will allow me to group content from multiple sources by using the native tag / lable / category system which blogger, twitter, picasa, spurl and youtube employ. Then I'll set up filters on my homepage which will allow me (or any other fool who views the page) to only display items from the subjects they select.

edit: seems that the different timezones of the various sources are screwing the ordering of things up a little. So I might have to hax up some time conversion in either pipes or php... sigh, I hate time conversion :(